30 (.308) 190gr Tipped Plated CB (Speer Kulor) 50/ask

658,00 kr

Caliber: .308
Ballistic Coefficient: .596
Ballistic Coefficient with Velocity:
3,000-2,500 – G1: .595, G7: .298 | 2,500-2,000 – G1: .574, G7: .288 | 1,500-2,000 – G1: .539, G7: .278
Bullet Type: Impact
Bullet Weight (grains): 190
Diameter (in.): 0.308
Diameter (mm): 7.823
Sectional Density: 0.256

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Take your hunts, your handloads and your shots farther than you ever thought possible. The Speer® Impact bullet blends tough, molecularly bonded construction with a high ballistic coefficient. Its groundbreaking Slipstream™ polymer tip provides a perfect aerodynamic meplat, and its hollow core initiates expansion at velocities 200 fps lower than comparable designs. The combination results in deep penetration at mid-range, as well as extreme accuracy and consistent low-velocity expansion at long distances.

Molecularly fused jacket maximizes weight retention and improves accuracy
Slipstream polymer tip increases downrange energy and initiates low-velocity expansion
High ballistic coefficients for flatter trajectories and better long-range performance
Close-range penetration and long-distance expansion

Ytterligare information

Ytterligare information

Vikt 0,64 kg

Kulor Typ

Gevärskulor (Kaliber)

Kul Vikt

190 grain / 12,3 gram

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